Copywriting is simply a written form of communicating facts and emotions. It is a mental process. Some copywriters will tell you that many of their greatest works were well thought out in their minds even before they put them on paper. Some copywriters will tell you that they just sit down and start writing. Some find that sitting in front of a computer does the trick and others need something like a pen and a pad of paper.

The bottom line for all these approaches is that copywriting is primarily the mental process of first getting your thoughts organized in your mind and then eventually transferring them onto paper. There is no best method–just what works for you. The best place to start, without question, is to start. That’s right. Pick up a piece of paper and a pen. and start. Do enough of it over a long enough period of time and I guarantee you, you’ll improve each year. Write articles for a local newspaper. Write letters, postcards, poetry, songwriting every opportunity you can.

“Copywriting is a mental process the successful execution of which reflects the sum total of all your experiences, your specific knowledge and your ability to mentally process that information and transfer it onto a sheet of paper for the purpose of selling a product or service.”

By, Wa’Dell Jones

Freelance Copywriter, Poet, Songwriter.

Co. Rock Of Ages Entertainment.

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