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Morning After: A Romantic Interlude.

My fantasies take over me, as I think about how good your love was last night….Oh’ wife it was so good!

“The next morning after, I reach for you.”

There’s a peaceful silence and a fuzzy warmth being under the covers with you babe as a long lazy yawn overcomes me. My body convulses as it demands a spine toe curling streeech! and my hand grazes your body, causing you to stir. I edge closer to your warmth, only slightly hearing your gentle breathing; trying hard not to interrupt your peaceful slumber.

A familiar electricity charges me as our bodies make full contact. Still in deep sleep, on reflex you reach for me. A sigh of contentment escapes from within as I study your resting form beside me.
I gently nuzzle your neck and a knowing smile is heard in your sigh....Let's make baby let's make love...
By, Wa'Dell Jones.
Freelance Writer, Poet.
“Morning after; A romantic interlude.”

” So I come to you full of honesty, with my heart in my hand. Going to work everyday and loving God in every way….

A royal love affair:

King Solomon of Jerusalem and his Queen.

The husband and wife, that’s prays together, stays together.

King Solomon of Jerusalem Queen.
A royal love affair.