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LOVE FAVORS: Poetic Devotion.

I love & I lost, gone to soon…..

Rock of Ages Entertainment


Arriving home from work, anticipating love making, darkness surprises, surrounds you as you pass through, the portals of my mind….My fingers to your lips, starts the passion kiss…I need to catch my breathe trippin’ over you, trippin’ over you, I need to watch my step…You give me love favors…your my wife you bring balance to my life, by loving me, checking me, forever baby, forever girl…Subdued! Easy jazz embraces you, as I assist you to the bedroom forever baby, forever girl…

Audio: Love Favors.

my late wife: Kathryn Arterbery Jones.
In remembrance of my late wife, Kathryn Arterbery Jones.

The removal of your shoes, ensuing spine release, the massaging of your feet…Ooo’ triggers me! Submission pearl, love favors forever baby, forever girl. Your closed eyes and your heavy sighs, signals to me, makes my nature rise!!

Your love favor, favors me wife. I’m so grateful and your…

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