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Copywriting: Learning the fundamentals of correct grammar In advertising sales.

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Copywriting is simply a written form of communicating facts and emotions. It is a mental process. Some copywriters will tell you that many of their greatest works were well thought out in their minds even before they put them on paper. Some copywriters will tell you that they just sit down and start writing. Some find that sitting in front of a computer does the trick and others need something like a pen and a pad of paper.

The bottom line for all these approaches is that copywriting is primarily the mental process of first getting your thoughts organized in your mind and then eventually transferring them onto paper. There is no best method–just what works for you. The best place to start, without question, is to start. That’s right. Pick up a piece of paper and a pen. and start. Do enough of it…

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The Most High God of Israel is in the process of making the ordinary extraordinary. If you are willing to let Him take your life as a potter takes clay, you are already underway in an exciting journey with the Almighty God of Israel!

Think of two people in your life who show consistency between their actions and inner convictions Now think about your own character. Do you show consistency between your convictions at home? at work? in private?

Acts: 13:22 says, “I have found David son of Jesse a man after my own heart; he will do everything I want him to do.’ ” Are you willing to do everything God wants you to do? Pray about your willingness to become a man after God’s own heart.

Not calling for justice is equal to giving birth to evil. We know God has said in His Word that the result of sin is always the same, even if its is explained or justified by men. As leaders in our homes, churches, and workplaces, we must fear “The Most High God of Israel.” We should root out anything that dishonors TMH. or would lead others astray. We may face permanent consequences if we continue to sin. The fear of The Most High God of Israel produces holiness in our lives.

The Holy Spirit is seeking to empower you to want to do His will. Cooperate with Him to change you, mold you, and prepare you for His will for your life. Those who resist, quench, grieve, or put off the Spirit will do so at the cost of their relationship with TMH. To resist prompting of the Spirit in your life is to say you have lost your love for TMH. God. Meditate on this verse, ” ‘ If you love me, you will obey what I command’ ” (John 14:15).

Take a moment to thank “The Most High God” right now for His love and His care for your life.

Minister, Freelance Writer, Poet.

Wa’Dell Jones

Your Faith is tested everyday.
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The truth about King James Charles Stuart the, 1V & 1.

Proof of existence: The Cambridge University Studies, The Reunion of Christendom.

King James Charles Stuart the VI of Inverness Scotland, was born in the House of Stuart in the Stuart Castle on June, 19, 1566. At the age of 12 he was crowned VI of Scotland.

The Truth about King James Charles Stuart the VI & the I.

  • James VI and IJames VI and I (James Charles Stuart; 19 June 1566 – 27 March 1625) was King of Scotland as James VI from 24 July 1567 and King of England and Ireland.

He authorize the translation of the King James Bible version 1611. Of the Old & New Testament of Zion. And there were major cover ups by the Main Churches, I won’t specify who. And there were lies about his manhood. He was not homosexual which was a lie to smear his character. The Man had 9-Children by the same woman. Queen Mary Stuart.

“Ask and you shall receive, through prayer and supplication”.

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