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The Royal House of King David and the tribe of Judah enslaved by the King of Babylon; Nebuchadnezzar
the II after the destruction of the first Temple built by, King Solomon of Jerusalem son of King David of
Jerusalem. King Alfonso I of Lisbon Portugal in the thirteenth century whence we may learn if we can believe it, that a
king of Spain who had assisted Nebuchadnezzar in reducing Jerusalem, brought an enormous population
into Spain all either the family of King David or from the tribe of Judah; and that the royal family resided
first in Seville then in Granada. Adding that exiles afterwards had their numbers increased by fugitives
from the desolation of the Second Temple.
Under the command from the Roman Tribune; General Titus. Thus; formed the Hebrew Negroes of
Spain and Portugal, descendants of the House of King David Royal lineage, bore his grandson and the
son of King Solomon of Jerusalem; Don Ibn Yahya “El Negro” of Portugal. Who commanded respect as a
skillful warrior of the Maghreb-brave with great oratorical powers and with such a command of the
language that his letters are famous this day! Known variously as; “The Chosen One,” “Sword of the Revolt,” and
“Sustainer of the Empire’s Glory.”

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