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James Stuart was born June 19, 1566 at Edinburg Castle in Scotland. His father Lord Darnley, was murdered in early 1567 before young James was 1-year old. His mother Mary Queen of Scotts was soon afterwards forced to abdicate the Scottish throne due to her suspected involvement in the murder. Little James was crowned King James VI of Scotland at the tender age of 13 months. Reformation leader John Knox preached the sermon at his coronation. James’s mother was imprisoned in England by her cousin Queen Elizabeth and 19-years later, February of 1587 was executed for her part in a Roman Catholic conspiracy to assassinate Queen Elizabeth.

And so, like many Monarch’s of the time King James was reared neither by father nor mother(although he did maintain an ongoing correspondence with his mother. He said that she never tried to convert him to her Catholic religion of his four tutors perhaps one of the most learned and intellectually curious men to ever sit on the throne. Mr. Buchanan was 64 years old when he began tutoring the young king. It was Greek before breakfast than Latin and history, composition, arithmetic, cosmography, dialectics, rhetoric and of course theology. King James spoke fluent Greek, Latin, French English and Scots and was schooled in Italian and Spanish. The King once remarked that he could speak Latin before he could speak his native Scots. Because of his linguistics capabilities King James typically did not need a translator when conducting business with the other heads of state.

The strict intellectual diet from George Buchanan was absorbed by a young boy who grew into a powerful man, with a powerful pen. Cambridge Texts in the History of “Political Writings” notes that the “Kings Writings” were amongst the most important and influential British writings of their period. King has been known for his great learning and has been called; “Great Britain’s Solomon”. (He ruled Scotland for 36 years). Responsible for calling the decree for the translation of the King James Version Bible yr. 1611. From the original Hebrew and Greek tongues scrolls. Blessed and anointed to serve his purpose from the Most High God of IsraEL.

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King James the VI & I
King James Charles Stuart the VI &; I of Scotland/England.