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THE CAMBRIDGE ANCIENT HISTORY, VOL. 2, p. 34 YR. 1926, (The true story of King Arthur and his Round Table of Knights).

“THE ANCIENT (PITTS) of Scotland is said to be the ancestors of the small black race in Scotland.” Author Margaret Murray, in her book called…..”God of the Witches,” mentions the dark-skinned Piets, 1933 Lloyd Laing in his book called “The Piets and the Scots” (pygmies). 1933, and Skard Eiliv “Historia Norvegias,” speaks of an ancient dark-complexioned Pygmy people of Scotland.

There were several phenomenal rulers within Europe long before the rise of Scotland, England, Whales and Ireland. The Egyptian Princess Scota (B.C. 1300) fled to Egypt and settled in Caledonia (which her descendants named Scotland in honor of her name Scota) and Ireland. The African -Moorish Negro King Dardanus ruled Troy (B.C. 240). The of Pictish King Arthur (B.C. 1300 and his Round Table of 150 Black Knights were all about a Black man and his darling Negro army. They were called Black Knights after the night, and because of the darkness of their skin. The first Afrocoid Viking to unite Norway was Halfdan the Black or the Niger (A.D. 810-860) There were many other Negro Viking.

One of Arthur’s most famous Knights was the black-skinned Sir Palamedes the Saracen or Moor. The Western concept of the popular name “Camelot” derived from the story King Arthur and his dark-skinned knights. However, the name Cam- or Came-of Camelot is African. Remember, the name Cam is equivalent to Cham, Kam or Ham meaning Niger. The term Knight is presently called Chevalier, a secret society that way originated by the Negro-Moors (http://ww w. africaresource.com/rasta/sesostris-the-great-the-egyptian-hercule s/the-indigenous-moorish-christians-of-paris-france-art-history/).

There were many black-dark skinned Scandinavians such as Olave the Black; Sandulf the Black; Olaf II Odhar the Black; Bjorn the Black; Illugi Hallkelsson the Black; Thorolf the Dark-Skin; Hermund Illugason the Black; Rokar the Swarthy (black); Ottar Svarti (Black); Goafred V the Black; Thorstein the Black; Harald II Svarte; Harold the Black of Islay, who was also called “Haroldus Niger de Ysland; ” Godred the Black, the son of Harold the Black; Egil Skalla-grimsson the “Black Norwegian;” etc. These kings were not called black and dark because of their hair but because of their deep dark skin from their African ancestors. Many of the blond and red headed Vikings were black-skinned Africans, Kings who ruled throughout Europe, one was Thorhall the Black.4 The Scottish MacRitche described Thorhall as a tall giant black-skinned man, with a fouled mouth. MacRitche went on to say that he hoped someday that Thorhall would be recognize for what he was, a Black Viking who explored part of the coastline of what is now called the U.S. in his own ship nearly 500 years before Columbus. The Irish King Gormund was also a Negro! Historical facts taken from the book “The Negro Rulers of Scotland and The British Isles”. by Author, Dr. John L. Johnson.

Narrator, Author, Hebrew Historian.

Wadell G. Jones Sr.