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Posted by Wadell G. Jones Sr.  8/23/2022

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Before we embark on our voyage into African civilization, I think that it would be interesting to the readers and students of African history to know how the continent of Africa received its name.
First of all, in ancient periods, the black Hebrews referred to Egypt (the guardian of the northeastern gate of Africa) as the Land of Ham. The Hebrews ethnologists used the eponymous name (Ham) because they were conscious of the fact that many of Ham’s descendants traveled from Asia toward the south and inhabited the continent we know of today as Africa. It seems that there were no Semites or Indo-Europeans in the Land of Ham (Africa) before the enslavement of the Hebrews and the Hyksos invasion. Ancient Palestine was part of the Land of Ham before the Hebrews came and and expelled the Hamite Canaanites.
It appears that the early anthropologist and ethnologists classified races on the basis of cultural development, and not on the basis of kinship; but the Hebrews are an exception. The early Greeks distinguished between Hellenes and barbarians because they wanted their own people to appear superior. Some of them claim that they originated everything. The advanced Romans felt culturally superior to the northern barbarian tribes, and they enslaved many of these barbarians. The Egyptians subjugated and sold other African tribes that were inferior to them in culture and they conceived of themselves as racially and culturally superior to other underdeveloped people. #africa #development #students #egypt.
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